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About Us

Our Company

Emblem Enterprises, Inc. was founded on great quality and amazing service. Since our first order in 1981, Emblem Enterprises has grown to a sustainable, small business that supports dozens of families and the local community of L.A.

We take great pride in supplying the finest emblems available to the Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Youth groups, Fortune 500 corporations, social clubs, Military as well as many other organizations.

Our Founder

Hank Steinman started Emblem Enterprises from his garage with an idea to create the best quality patch and a commitment to excellent service. Forty years later, his vision has helped millions of professionals look sharper and put smiles on kid’s faces with patches that tell stories.

“There are three keys to our success:

  1. We make the sharpest looking emblems around because we care about every detail. We train, train, and train some more until our people are experts.
  2. We do more than we promise--delivery, response time, everything. Simple, but it's the key to great service.
  3. We listen to you, our customer. That is where our best ideas come from.
  4. There's so much more, but that's it in a nutshell.”

Emblem Enterprises About Us Hank Steinman
Word o Mouth

Emblem Enterprises serves thousands of happy customers every year. Here are a few of their comments…

Emblem Enterprises About Us

Our People

Our people are experts in the entire patch process and can help you from beginning to end.

Our people are obsessed with patches. That’s right, I said obsessed—with how to make the best patch possible given its purpose, size, shape, and details. They sweat the details, so you don’t have to worry. Some even admit they dream about patches. They dream in patch colors, like “Flag Blue” and “Spruce Green,” and count imaginary stitches when they can’t fall asleep. (We think they’re wacky, but don’t tell `em we said so.)

Our Community Commitment

The Emblem Enterprises family is committed to giving back to the community. For more than 20 years, we’ve supported a variety of organizations (see below.) From adopting a MEND holiday family or providing backpacks of lotions and potions on Mother’s Day, to writing letters with care packages to our soldiers and making donations to survivor funds, our staff picks from many worthy organizations to support with money, time, and love throughout the year.

Recent Support:

Sales Representatives

Emblem Enterprises About Us: Kitty Sales Representative

Kitty Lewis

Kitty has been with us since 2005, she is an art major, who grew up as a Girl Scout, with a troop leader mother. While her kids were in school, Kitty enjoyed teaching elementary school art and leading her daughter’s Girl Scout troop from Brownies all the way to Seniors. It was just natural for her to help develop our youth department and add a hand in designing youth patches, which has also carried over to the Police, Fire or other groups that might need some suggestions (maybe even when you don’t ask for them).

Emblem Enterprises About Us: Lucy Sales Representative

Lucy Bekaryan

Lucy is a true emblem success story! She started working for us while she was in High School, and that was over…well let’s just say before 2000.

Lucy has worn many hats for us, and is true patch expert.

With two children at home, Lucy keeps busy. Her dream vacation is Las Vegas!

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Emblem Enterprises is the industry standard for custom patches, badges, pins, and challenge coins. We stand by our commitment to delivering the finest quality products that will exceed your customers’ expectations. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Let us help grow your business — Our team is your team.

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