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Emblem Enterprises FAQ Custom patches

Yes, you can use any shape you like.

A merrowed, overlock border is the preferred border as it is strong, stylistic, and prevents fraying. A merrowed border will automatically be used on emblems WITHOUT sharp indentations or difficult cuts.

More Info: When sharp indentations do not allow for a merrowed border, we’ll “steil stitch” the border and “laser cut” or “hot knife” the edge to avoid fraying.

We have a huge selection of threads and twills so you can use almost any color you like. Or advise the PMS numbers and we’ll send you the closest swatches with your quote.

Hint: To make sure your lettering and details are visible, avoid light on light colors, such as light blue or yellow on a white background. Likewise, avoid dark on dark, such as black or red on royal blue. Contrasting colors, like gold on navy, will help your organization’s name stand out.

You can use as many colors as you like, with up to 9 thread colors at no extra charge. (Add 10¢ per color for each color over 9.) We also have specialty threads and backgrounds available for an extra charge:

Specialty Threads: Metallic, fluorescent, glow in the dark, and colors that change in the light.

Background Material: Reflective (3M & MICROLITE)

Your emblem’s main lettering should be large and bold enough to convey your desired emphasis.

Hint: For main lettering, we suggest:
3” Patch = 1/4” to 5/16”
4” Patch = 5/16” to 7/16”
5” Patch = 3/8” to 1/2”

Embroidered lettering looks best if 1/4″ or taller.

3/16″ letters are also clear, but not as clean as 1/4″ letters.

Our digitizers and equipment can embroider clean 1/8″ lettering (depending upon width available,) but 3/16″ is recommended.

Lettering smaller than 1/8″ will be representational only, not legible. For sharp lettering 1/8 and smaller, ask us about combining print and woven embroidery with emblem technology.

Yes, we can embroider any font styles. Bold is recommended for clean, sharp, steil stitching. Block style letters are best, though script and ‘serif’ fonts are fine depending upon size.

Hint: Lettering usually looks best if it follows the curve of the border.

Hint: For close approximation of the thickness of embroidered lettering, use a thick ‘marker’ for main lettering and a thin ‘marker’ for smaller letters. If a ball-point pen is needed to fit the lettering, consider abbreviating for sharper embroidery (County > Co., etc.)

Hint: Avoid outlining letters with another color, which looks good in printing, but may not turn out as expected in embroidery.

Absolutely. Don’t worry if you’re not a Picasso, any rough sketch will do. (Rest assured, we’ve seen everything!)

Stock emblems: You can order as few as 1 of any stock item. A $10 service charge is added if total order is under $50.

Custom emblems: The minimum quantity for 10” and larger emblems is only 15. For under 10”, the minimum is only 30 emblems. Motor cycle can order 10, and 6″ is cut off for minimum of 30

Please allow up-to 25 days. For faster deliveries, ask about our 11 and 15 day rush programs.
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