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Our Firefighter and EMS Heroes Deserve Only the Best

Symbolism in Every Stitch

For firefighters and emergency medical responders, patches can inspire stations and teams by fostering a shared sense of purpose. A beautiful custom patch is a morale booster, a trust builder, and an important part of your station’s identity. Moreover, firefighter patches serve as a genuine mark of distinction and signify the rich heritage of the station or company.

Emblems are Hard-Earned

It’s not easy to become a firefighter. Firefighters must earn the right to protect communities from danger. Similarly, emergency medical personnel must train and dedicate their lives to learning how to treat those at their most vulnerable point during an injury. Therefore, for both firefighters and EMS professionals alike, custom patches signify the honor of those who bear them. Additionally, for new firefighters, station patches serve as a way to make them feel that they are truly valued members of the team.

Decades of Dedication

Here at Emblem Enterprises, we’ve been proud to serve the needs of firefighters and EMS professionals for over 40 years. We’re dedicated to our craft, just as you’re dedicated to the communities that you protect and serve. From four decades of experience, we know that fire and EMS departments don’t have time or budget to waste. That’s why we guarantee unbeatable customer service and unparalleled patch quality with sharp lettering and distinct details.  You’ve got enough on your plate—we’ll handle the details.

Honored to Serve Our Heroes

Perhaps your department or team is expanding so you are hiring more recruits. Maybe it’s time to refresh the design of your patch or to make a special anniversary or commemorative patch. No matter your needs, Emblem Enterprises is ready to serve. We can create a new custom patch from scratch or help you take an existing patch to a whole new level. Call our firefighter and EMS patch experts today!
Custom Patch Process Explained - EEI
Custom Patch Process

How to Order a Custom Patch

Whether you’re a scout, a public safety official, a martial artist, or any other ‘mover or shaker’ in your community, the experts at Emblem Enterprises can make your creative vision a reality…and customizing a patch is as easy as 1-2-3!

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EEI Martial Arts Passion Discipline
Martial Arts

Capturing the Passion and Discipline of Martial Arts

Some might assume that martial arts uniforms begin and end with white gis and belts. At Emblem Enterprises, however, we know there’s another important aspect of a student’s uniform. Whether you’re a beginning student of martial arts or a third-degree black belt, your uniform will most certainly include a patch (or several) as well.

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Girl Scouts

Let’s Have Some Fun with Girl Scout Patches!

In Girl Scouts, Fun Patches are designed by troop leaders, scouts, or parents. Unlike badges, a scout doesn’t need to master a new skill to earn a Fun Patch. Fun Patches are most often distributed to commemorate an activity or event—but can certainly be created just for fun as well

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Promoting Unity Through Patches

Band together and raise awareness for a special cause with a custom patch. Emblem Enterprises believes in supporting local organizations and also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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