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Promoting Unity Through Patches

Our communities grow stronger when we unite around a common cause together. Whether it’s in the name of finding a cure for Breast Cancer, promoting Autism Awareness, or another important cause, we can all help our neighbors by banding together and showing our support for these initiatives. At Emblem Enterprises, we’ve been helping communities come together for over 40 years. We’re proud to serve local communities around the United States by crafting patches that are dedicated to raising awareness for a variety of causes. Whether you’re managing a fundraiser, promoting an event, outfitting your organization, or anything in between, our patches can be customized for your unique needs.

When It Comes to Helping Our Communities, Every Detail Matters

Let your voice be heard! We take special care in managing every detail of your patch, creating world-class designs that stand out and stand proud. Our passion is supporting local organizations who strive to make a positive impact in their communities.

From completely new patch designs made from scratch, to adapting your current patch for an upcoming cause such as April’s Autism Awareness Month, we stand ready to serve your every patch making need. For our public safety professionals, our patches aid in identification and bringing our heroes home safely at the end of each day while also raising awareness for your cause.

Giving Back Beyond Patches is Who We Are

The culture of our team at Emblem Enterprises fosters a humble, creative, and socially responsible workforce. We enjoy a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing we’ve made a tangible difference in the communities in which we live. We’re proud volunteers and also pleased to donate a portion of all adapted patch proceeds to corresponding charitable organizations. For example, a portion of all Pink Patch proceeds is donated to breast cancer research every year.

Prioritizing our Customers

Each day at Emblem Enterprises, we endeavor to think outside the box, introduce fresh ideas, and remain sensitive to the evolving needs of our customers. That is why we stand firmly behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will remake your patches or refund your order in full—no questions asked. So, if you’re considering a patch, you’ve come to the right place. Request a FREE quote today and start generating awareness for your special cause.
Custom Patch Process Explained - EEI
Custom Patch Process

How to Order a Custom Patch

Whether you’re a scout, a public safety official, a martial artist, or any other ‘mover or shaker’ in your community, the experts at Emblem Enterprises can make your creative vision a reality…and customizing a patch is as easy as 1-2-3!

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EEI Martial Arts Passion Discipline
Martial Arts

Capturing the Passion and Discipline of Martial Arts

Some might assume that martial arts uniforms begin and end with white gis and belts. At Emblem Enterprises, however, we know there’s another important aspect of a student’s uniform. Whether you’re a beginning student of martial arts or a third-degree black belt, your uniform will most certainly include a patch (or several) as well.

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Girl Scouts

Let’s Have Some Fun with Girl Scout Patches!

In Girl Scouts, Fun Patches are designed by troop leaders, scouts, or parents. Unlike badges, a scout doesn’t need to master a new skill to earn a Fun Patch. Fun Patches are most often distributed to commemorate an activity or event—but can certainly be created just for fun as well

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Promoting Unity Through Patches

Band together and raise awareness for a special cause with a custom patch. Emblem Enterprises believes in supporting local organizations and also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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